Indygo Afi Ngozi

Indygo Afi Ngozi 

Indygo Afi Ngozi, original name Andréa A César (born August 6, 1993, Port-au-Prince, Haiti) is an interdisciplinary and multidimynsional movement artist and choreographer.  

Indygo relocated to the U.S. in  2009 where she completed her secondary education. She currently holds a Bachelor of Science from SUNY New Paltz, a Masters of Arts from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and a Master of Arts in Dance Education, including a New York State Pre-K-12 Dance Education Professional Certificate from Hunter College.  

Indygo seeks to create work that continues to investigate the nuances found in the intersectionality between choreography, poetry and vulnerability. As an artist, she believes that she is first human; as such she engages her audience to explore what is found in-between spaces of humanness, allowing it to guide her in developing new understanding of the human experience. Her work lies in storytelling, unfolding what it means to be multidimynsional in today’s culture and society. 

As an educator her focus lies in providing all students with a creative and engaging dance/movement education experience enabling them to channel their creativity, imagination and discover parts of themselves through movements. 

Indygo Afi Ngozi currently lives in New Jersey,  works in NYC and is a New Victory LabWorks Artist (2021-22)

Indygo is available for commissions and collaborations, locally and internationally.

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