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for us, the humans of the world who aren’t afraid to live in-between spaces is chapter two of a khoreowords movement series that seeks to explore the nuances of vulnerability through the intersectionality of storytelling, poetry and dance.  The show share seemingly blended experiences through a series of vignettes investigating in-between spaces of healing in our humanity. 

(ongoing research) 

truth is an excerpt written and performed by Indygo Afi Ngozi. In this khoreoword, Indygo seeks to explore our commonalities as humans, our deepest desires, regrets, fears and struggles; the truths we've normalized and the ones we do not dare admit; it is the essence of what it means to be human, multifaceted and vulnerable in today's society

42 ° ; true phrases of an Antillean lesbian an excerpt written and performed by Indygo Afi Ngozi with the collaboration of an interviewee.  In this khoreoword, Indygo focuses on the experiences of humans who identify as queer and Caribbean. She investigates the notion of identity through multiple lens; to be Antillean, gay, queer, non-binary and gender non-conforming especially those who are part of marginalized communities. It is an on-going conversation posing several questions; at what degree do we feel safe to fully accept the multiple versions of what makes us whole; at what age do we live freely; how does one identity become mutually exclusive with the other; how do we feel safe in our bodies; how do we feel safe in the millions of pieces that makes us whole; how do we create balance to be simultaneously in harmony with the self; how does censorship create a space of denial, perpetuating a cycle of denial for the next generation of never being seen; of never fully embracing their own vulnerability; how do we live in-between spaces of authenticity while standing in a harmonious chaos, in the depth of who we are ; how do we create a space for all humans to feel safe and seen
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